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7 Advantages of ReactJS for Building Interactive User Interfaces

7 Advantages of ReactJS for Building Interactive User Interfaces

Building interactive user faces, no matter the development platform is an undoubtedly tedious and tricky task. It takes tireless effort, complete dedication and proper concentration to developing each component of a website. However, React JS is a JavaScript library that makes building user interfaces much better and life much better for developers. It has already become mainstream and is used by a number of big names including Facebook, Netflix, AirBNB, DropBox, IMDb, PayPal, Tesla Motors, Walmart and many others. Pretty good company to keep, don’t you think!

But, how do you compare React with other frameworks? Each framework has its own pros and cons and is therefore absolutely non-interchangeable and is entirely dependent on what you are trying to achieve.

In this blog, we’ll present to you the top 7 advantages of ReactJS that prove the reliability of ReactJS for web application development and what makes it the perfect choice for your next project.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is an amazing JavaScript framework that has made the development process much easier. Plus, it provides quality assured ReactJS applications with apt interfaces. ReactJS is considered as a much sought after alternative for the development of user-friendly and highly compelling websites & applications that provides a number of possibilities to the developers to make them more creative.

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  • Intuitive
ReactJS is extremely intuitive to work with and provides interactivity to the layout of any UI. Plus, it enables fast and quality assured application development that in turn saves tome for both - clients and developers.
  • Declarative
ReactJS enables significant data changes that result in automatic alteration in the selected parts of user interfaces. Owing to this progressive functionality, there is no additional function that you need to perform to update your user interface.
  • Provides Reusable Components

ReactJS provides reusable components that developers have the authority to reuse and create a new application. Reusability is exactly like a remedy for developers. This platform gives the developers the authority to reuse the components build for some other application having the same functionality. Thereby, reducing the development effort and ensuring a flawless performance.

  • JavaScript library

A strong blend of JavaScript and HTML syntax is always used, which automatically simplifies the entire process of writing code for the planned project. The JS library consists several functions including one that converts the HTML components into required functions and transforms the entire project so that it is easy to understand. 

  • Components Support

ReactJS is a perfect combination of JavaScript and HTML tags. The usage of the HTML tags and JS codes, make it easy to deal with a vast set of data containing the document object model. During this time, ReactJS works as a mediator which represents the DOM and assists to decide which component needs changes to get the exact results.

  • SEO-friendly

React JS was introduced after immense research and improvements by Facebook. Naturally, it stands out from the crowd and allows developers to build amazing, SEO-friendly user interfaces across browsers and engines.

  • Proficient Data Binding

ReactJS trails one-way data binding. This means that absolutely anyone can track all the changes made to any particular segment of the data. This is a symbol of its simplicity.


  • Makes JavaScript coding easier
  • Extremely competent
  • Excellent cross-platform support
  • Handles dependencies
  • Template designing made easy
  • Provides amazing developer tools
  • UI focused designs
  • Easy to adopt


Now that you’re clear about the advantages and best practices of ReactJS framework, it should come as no surprise that most of the big and middle companies are leveraging ReactJS development services to design their website’s user interfaces. So, if you are looking for a ReactJS developer who can completely understand your requirements and ensure the best results for your ReactJS projects, you can count on Clarion’s ReactJS experts.