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Over the years, coding and web development have come a long way. Today, businesses are highly dependent on web and application development because they are the only ensured ways that can help a business reach thousands of possible clients. This, in turn, has led to a high rise in demand for skilled developers.

When we talk about web development, PHP is the first language that comes to our mind. It has always been the most efficient and well-suited option for developing websites and web applications. If we look at the range of frameworks that PHP offers, Laravel is the most favourite and famous. Not to forget Laravel is also the framework that is known to be quite challenging and complex. Thus, it demands the individuals with a higher degree of PHP and Laravel knowledge. In addition, one must be competent enough to master and implement Laravel.

The market is full of other frameworks too. But each one of them comes with unique baggage of its pros and cons. So before telling you how to hire a Laravel Developer, let us tell you why choose the Laravel framework in the first place.

Did you know?

  • Laravel is the second most popular framework in the countries like Germany, the USA, Palestine, etc.
  • There are around 730,966 live websites that use Laravel
  • There are 5942 Laravel websites that are also using Amazon SES

Why choose Laravel Framework?

We are sure that as a company or a business owner, you often find yourself questioning ‘Why must I choose Laravel framework’? Apart from offering top-level website development, Laravel is powered by a striking feature that is security. What we mean is that Laravel websites are one of the most secure websites. Created in 2011 by Taylor Otwell, the Laravel framework has its roots in security functions. It excels in simplifying difficult and complex functions. And how does Laravel does it? By offering simpler functions that deal with complex functions.

Why should you hire Laravel developers?

This is the first question that pops up in the mind of an entrepreneur or the hiring authority every time they think of hiring Laravel developers. And rightfully so. Before jumping into the recruitment process, one must know not one but multiple reasons that prove why should you do what you wish to do, here, the hirer must know why they must hire Laravel Developers?

We have listed down some reasons, to strengthen your belief.

1. Craft beautifully flawless applications that are also future-proof

Every website or application can be called successful if it is rich in two things; scalability and flexibility. Just going with the customer base is not enough. Businesses or business runners must have the competency to identify the business and technology trends. Once you create a roadmap and understand the Laravel developer's responsibilities, you head in the right direction. Laravel developers are aware of the new market trends and will ensure to keep your website or application up to date.

2. Cost-effective

Laravel developer's job description might look a little fancy and it also might give you the illusion of being expensive but trust us, it's the other way around. Even if you hire in-demand Laravel developers that are well-aware of the Laravel developers' responsibilities you can still save a fortune. How? By hiring Laravel developers from a partner or offshoring company like Clarion Technologies.

3. Enhanced Management

With ever-evolving websites and applications, it has become crucial to have a system that can keep these websites and apps capable to handle heavy traffic efficiently. Web traffic is extremely ambiguous. This might require your website or an application to handle multiple requests at a time. This means one needs to be ready to invest enough in hosting the app. Because, if the hosting server crashes down, there are high chances you may lose customers. But when hiring Laravel developers, they ensure that management is great and everything is under control.

4. Highly Efficient

 Resources that understand the Laravel developer's roles and responsibilities are aware of the tricks to tackle various types of projects with ultimate care and precision.  This enables them to enhance the efficiency of their work.

Hiring a dedicated Laravel developer

Laravel’s amazing features gained it a lot of popularity. Therefore, the rise of Laravel developers was also amplified. But hiring a profound and dedicated Laravel developer is no piece of cake. There are a lot of things that one needs to take care of while hiring. Therefore, we thought why not make an entire guide to help you all get a roadmap in learning ‘how to hire a Laravel developer’?

Apart from delivering a highly secure and responsive website, an experienced Laravel developer will help you tackle the problem and find the solutions to your existing problems. It doesn’t end here, Since Laravel is an inclusive framework, any developer skilled in Laravel will be able to implement multiple coding languages and create a mix.

How to hire Laravel developers?

  • Determine your needs

Before you approach any Laravel developer, make sure you are clear about your needs. We suggest you determine your requirements. The best way to do it is to write and note down your vision and needs. This way you will create a roadmap that you can use to navigate throughout your hunting.

There is a lot you can do with Laravel. For example, you can opt for Customized Laravel development, support, and maintenance, extension development, Laravel app development, etc. Therefore, before you hire a dedicated team of Laravel developers or a single Laravel developer, one must be clear about what one wants. This way you will be able to select the right developer.

  • Experience must be the priority

Skills are one thing but when it comes to Laravel development, the experience of the Laravel developer must be your priority. The more extensive experience every Laravel developer carries the more they will be compatible to offer you quality services. The experience of a Laravel developer also ensures the credibility of the knowledge they gained by tackling multiple projects.

  • Job Description

A good and thoroughly detailed job description will always be beneficial as it will help you get just what you are looking for. With a look at the job, description candidates can self-analyse if they fit the requirements or if they need to upgrade themselves to fit into the expectation bracket. Besides, we detailed job description you get a clear outline of targets that needs to be achieved.

  • Time and cost of delivery

While hiring the Laravel developer it is important to analyse and examine the cost of the project and also the cost of hiring the Laravel developer. It is important to see if the cost is aligned with your budget. In addition, you need to hire a developer that can stick to the deadlines and complete the project on time.

Note: Here is the list of Laravel Development Companies

Where to hire Laravel Developers?

There are a lot of places where you can hire Laravel developers, but the most ensured, trusted, and driven way is to partner with an offshoring firm that helps you get candidates that you wish. These firms understand the business needs and only offer candidates that can fulfil your business needs. Clarion Technologies is one such firm that with Laravel developers will also offer you amazing added benefits like easy ramp up and easy ramp down, free project manager, and a lot more.


Hiring a Laravel developer is a tough job if you are not sure of the path and are unaware of the prerequisites. However, it is a cakewalk when you do a little research and are sure of what you want. Here we have put together a guide to help you in your quest of hiring Laravel Developers. You can contact us to know more.