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How to Begin with Front-End Web Development with Remote Developer

How to Begin with Front-End Web Development with Remote Developer

The main focus of front-end web development is increasing user experience and offering customers a meaningful experience. It enables you to define consumer journeys beneficial to your business. For example, did you know that 32% of customers leave a brand they loved after just one bad experience? These are the latest stats based on a recent study by PWC in 2022. 


Businesses know how important it is to gain loyal customers; losing them at the cost of a bad user experience is just not an option. Front-end developers help make simple-to-use, quick, and secure interfaces, encouraging user engagement. In addition, they ensure the smooth working of the website by leveraging code, tools, and technologies. 


It's essential to hire front-end developers who have knowledge about a variety of technologies for your project. You can outsource virtual developers with experience and talent as per your requirement. But before that, let's look at the must-have skills for front-end developers.


Which Skills Should You Look for in a Front-End Developer? 

Front-end developer directly engages the customers by developing what displays on the website. They need to know a few coding languages. It helps them with various tasks like web design, web integration, and app development. Businesses in every sector, from healthcare to financial services, look for skilled front-end developers.

What are the Best Practices in Frontend Development? 


Maintain Code Consistency 

To make your code clear and straightforward to read, regularly indent, nest, and add braces, quotes, and new lines. Never add new code that alters the indent levels or formatting rules. Maintain consistency for a project and its deliverables so developers can change their editing environments only once. 


Optimize Images 

Large images load your web pages slowly, giving users a less-than-ideal experience. Using a plugin or script, optimizing photos reduces their file size, which reduces the time it takes for the page to load. Check our blog on how to hire the best frontend developers for your organization.


Add Version Control 

Version control, sometimes referred to as revision control or source control, is a part of software configuration management. It manages computer programs, expansive websites, and other collections of information as well as the "revision number," "revision level," or "revision" identifies changes. For instance, "revision 1" refers to the initial set of files. The set created after the first modification is known as "revision 2," and so on. Every revision has a timestamp and the author who modified it. You can compare, restore, and sometimes merge revisions with other types of files. 


Use RESTful APIs 

REST which stands for representational state transfer, uses API (known as RESTful API). It is an application programming interface that allows interaction with RESTful web services. It uses HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) to manage and access data. For example, updating, reading, creating, and deleting operations use commands like PUT, GET, POST, and DELETE.


Automate With CMS 

Although front-end development frameworks are standard tools for building unique online applications and sites, there are still numerous situations where businesses want more straightforward functionality. A content management system (CMS) automates and expedites web development while streamlining content production. 


Make Websites Responsive 

Based on the platform, the website should adapt its appearance and layout appropriately to match the device screen's resolution. After all, the viewing experience matters a lot in creating traffic to the website, which indirectly improves the search engine ranking and the growth of the business. In addition, the in-built features of CSS frameworks help make websites more responsive for all device sizes with a little less work. 


Always Test Your Code 

While you're working on it, test your code excessively. Utilize your preferred testing tools and test your work across various platforms. Remember always to ask your coworkers to test and review your code. Then, find those mistakes and errors and bugs and prevent them! 



Everything from the HTML to the CSS to the JavaScript needs downloading for each unique visit. As a result, data loads more slowly. Caching options are the solution to this problem. If set up correctly, browsers will keep the files in their local cache rather than downloading the same assets again when visiting the same page. 


Which are the Latest Best Front-end Development Frameworks for Developers?

Developers use the primary front-end languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition, however, applications and websites have to be more engaging. For instance, we accustomed to bot chat pop-ups ready to help us with any required service for our convenience.


To build such an intuitive and interactive app, front-end developers must want to focus on a client's business objectives. Hence, using these front-end frameworks helps in creating collaborative, user-driven websites. As a result, react, Angular, and Vue rank in the top five most popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks despite the availability of various other frameworks.


Here’s Jamstack Community Survey in 2022, Front-end Frameworks by Popularity:  

  • React – 70%
  • Vue – 33%
  • Angular – 20%

Case study – Check how our developers developed an application for a leading eCommerce company. 


Final Thoughts:

Understanding the function of UX and UI, optimizing your design-to-development process, and selecting the fundamental building blocks like frameworks and CMS help in mastering front-end development. Choose a software development partner with expertise in all these areas. It is crucial for your business to implement the right technologies now to reach your goals.


Clarion provides solutions that prove to be profitable and help optimize costs in the long run. With our two decades of experience, we excel at accelerating faster-time-to-market delivery. Our stability and strong foundation offer our clients access to all our resources, which means no challenges remain unresolved. Collaborating with our developers defines our partnership, and we ensure our clients experience incredible business growth.


For more details on front-end development or any other info on software development, please email us at info@clariontech.com or visit our contact us page!