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Clarion Technologies Announces Strategic Partnership with LocFluent Consulting

Pune, India—June 15, 2023

Clarion Technologies, a leading offshoring software development company, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with LocFluent Consulting Inc., a renowned consultancy specializing in providing services to the language services industry. This collaboration aims to offer customers in the language services sector access to specialized software development services tailored to their unique toolsets and requirements. 

The partnership between Clarion Technologies and LocFluent Consulting brings together the extensive industry experience of Scott Bass, Principal Consultant at LocFluent, and the technical expertise of Clarion's talented team. Both companies are poised to enhance platform integrations and develop custom tools specifically designed for language service providers by joining forces. 

Scott Bass, Principal Consultant at LocFluent Consulting, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "As an independent consultancy, I want LocFluent Consulting to be able to help its clients execute solutions that we have helped them devise. I have had direct experience working with Clarion as a customer, and I know my clients can benefit from their highly collaborative approach." 

Clarion Technologies' customer-centric approach ensures close collaboration with businesses worldwide, accelerating project timelines, risk mitigation, and remarkable outcomes. With its dynamic team of skilled developers, project managers, and domain experts, Clarion Technologies is dedicated to crafting customized software solutions for its clients. 

The partnership between LocFluent Consulting and Clarion Technologies will greatly benefit language service companies specializing in translation, localization, and interpreting. These companies will now have access to both industry veterans' combined skills and resources, allowing them to tap into a broad range of software technologies and realize their ideas more efficiently. 

About Clarion Technologies: Clarion Technologies is a leading offshoring software development company with offices in New York and Pune, India. Beyond traditional outsourcing, Clarion Technologies follows a customer-centric approach, ensuring close collaboration with businesses worldwide. With a dedicated team of skilled developers, project managers, and domain experts, Clarion Technologies delivers customized software solutions to help companies to thrive.  

About LocFluent Consulting: LocFluent Consulting, founded in 2019, specializes in providing consulting services to the language services industry. LocFluent Consulting helps small to mid-sized language service companies achieve their business objectives with a focus on growth, productivity, and innovation. 

For more information about LocFluent Consulting and Clarion Technologies, please visit their respective websites: 

LocFluent Consulting: www.locfluent.com

Clarion Technologies: www.clariontech.com