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Why is .NET technology becoming a number one choice in developing web and mobile applications? Although there are many other options, what separates the .NET framework from others in the field of software development? It is one of the best development frameworks for businesses and developers. It is an essential component of any frontend and backend development.

A survey released by Stack Overflow this year in 2022 categorized the .NET Framework and .NET Core into one. It had increased in popularity from 34.2 percent to 34.55 percent to become the most popular frameworks list this year.

The .NET framework helps programmers to create apps using a wide range of languages, such as C#, F#, and VB.Net. This makes a language accessible to speakers of other languages. It enables developers to create apps in the languages of their choice. Dot NET developers use the framework to build applications for the web, gaming, desktop, mobile, servers, and IoT.

Here are some trends that led the .NET framework to become the most popular framework among the developer community.


Some Trends that led the .NET Framework

1. The Rise of ASP.NET Core 

ASP.NET has paved the way for efficiency in the development of apps. It has advanced features and can help create cross-platform, cloud-based modern apps. ASP.NET apps have run on Windows, Linux, and macOS since the release of .NET Core.

With an essential text editor in Community Edition for non-corporate use, Microsoft's omnipresent Visual Studio program is free of charge to write ASP.NET code.

ASP.NET is a fantastic platform for creating websites and online applications in general. It is well-known, dependable, quick, simple to use, accessible, and speedy. You have complete development control with ASP.NET, which you can utilize on any project.

Example - Slack is at the top of our list of startups that use Asp.Net. It has a fascinating story with many twists and turns in addition to employing Asp.Net as a company. Slack is a platform for business communications that offers tools including chat rooms, private groups, direct messaging, and many others. Salesforce currently owns it initially; Slack Technologies created it.

2. Azure Cloud Development

Your application can easily integrate Azure services with Azure SDK for dot NET. Developers can use more than 100 Azure services that support .NET natively to advance your cloud app development.

Using robust integration tools, develop, debug, and monitor cloud applications locally before deploying them to production. Create highly secure, cloud-optimized applications fast and effectively by utilizing various features and capabilities.

Features like HTTP retries, logging, transport, and authentication protocols can speed up your cloud development. Without managing infrastructure, you can create, deploy, and scale your .NET application with Azure App Service.

Example - Samsung previously announced its choice to use Microsoft Azure to run the entirety of its Smart TV system. Using Azure cloud technology, Samsung was able to significantly cut expenses, increase capacity to handle its rapidly expanding client base, and boost productivity.

3. Xamerin

.NET is a developer platform that has programming languages, tools, and libraries for developing many different types of applications. Xamarin extends the .NET developer platform by providing tools and libraries for creating apps for iOS, Android, tvOS, macOS, watchOS, and Windows.

Businesses from all sectors utilize Xamarin and .NET to create compelling native mobile apps. Apps made with Xamarin are native apps. Your apps will function as users expect, whether you're designing a consistent UI across platforms or creating a native user interface.

Millions of developers use the thriving .NET ecosystem, which includes Xamarin. Share more than 75% of your code between platforms to make it easier to "write once, execute anywhere." Xamarin is a component of the robust open-source .NET platform, which includes contributions from over 3,700 businesses.

Free versions of .NET and Xamarin are available. There are no charges, not even for commercial use, and no licensing fees. Xamarin apps developed for native performance can access the full range of functionality. They are also making use of platform-specific hardware acceleration.


Four LoB apps developed by HCL using .NET and Xamarin to address complicated business demands are emPower, Merlin, Symphony, and Engage. By utilizing the cross-platform native app development features of Xamarin and Microsoft Visual Studio, HCL has simplified app development, enhanced user experience, and increased collaboration across its workforce.

4. .NET Framework Versions 

The updated functions and enhancements in .NET 6 have improved performance, positively impacting execution time, latency, and memory usage. With the release of.NET 5, Microsoft began developing a unified platform for.NET apps. There are now new APIs for HTTP/3, JSON, math, and other topics.

With the inclusion of Open Telemetry and dotnet-monitor, which are available through Azure App Service and are currently in production, cloud diagnostics have improved. You may now build better, safer, and quicker code with source generators and analyzers.

One of the most noticeable new features included in .NET 6 is Hot Reload. When your program is running, you can utilize this capability to change the user interface. Without restarting the application, you can see the changes take effect when you save them.

5. Security

The Windows platform lacked adequate security features. Microsoft has worked hard to make the .NET platform secure and reliable for business applications. Features like code access security, type safety, etc.

6. Open-Source .NET Framework

Microsoft and the .NET community on GitHub maintain .NET, which is open source and cross-platform. Since 2017, according to data compiled by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, .NET has consistently ranked among the top 30 most active open-source projects.

.NET programming is well suited to businesses and teams of any size addressing platforms at virtually any scale with extensive support from Microsoft and the framework's open-source channels.

In addition to Microsoft's internal development, the .NET platform has strong community support with tens of thousands of stars across over 200 open source repositories on Github. Both open source and for-profit integration technologies are readily available in the modernized .NET ecosystem to meet the constantly changing needs of applications of any size.

7. .NET Framework To .NET Core

For creating contemporary apps, the most recent version of the .Net Framework, known as Net Core, is free, open-source, and cross-platform. ASP.NET uses the .NET Framework to develop apps that run exclusively on Windows.

This decision entirely depends on the developer; whether you need to start from scratch with your project, need it to run on many platforms, need to use the CLI, or need to develop software using microservices, then you can choose accordingly.

While you can choose if your project already exists, it needs to run solely on Windows, requires security, and requires the creation of WPF apps or ASP.NET web forms.

8. MVC Architecture

Microsoft's open source ASP.NET MVC web development platform offers Model View Controller architecture. For the development of web applications, ASP.net MVC provides an alternative to ASP.net web forms. It is a component of the.Net platform used to create, deploy, and execute online applications. With the aid of HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, etc., you may create websites and web applications.

Examples - Diply.com - Diply.com is a "major social entertainment publisher that develops fascinating material for millennials," per the search engine results, according to diply.com. Once more, if you browse the website, you'll see the well-known Category/Inspirational controller and MVC actions.

Stackoverflow - Entire site runs on ASP.NET MVC; it doesn't just pertain to web development. There are a ton of other topics like mathematics, game development, and grammar, to name a few.

Check below Case Study – Our client wanted to incorporate billing information in the new solution. Their website was based on ASP.NET – 3-tier architecture. They wanted it to transform into the MVC4 architecture. The answer was to incorporate all these requirements and additional features.

Why Should You Look for .NET Developers?

Using .NET technology, .NET developers have been producing incredible applications for more than 20 years. The changing needs of software developers with .NET have become a crucial component of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Since .NET will be available natively on both Linux and Windows platforms, we may anticipate a rapid demand for developers on each platform.


Creating online enterprise applications is entering a new age with .NET Core. The capabilities of .NET are constantly improving, which makes the job of the developer much more straightforward and the web presence of companies more successful. This is why organizations now favor .NET Core when developing online applications.

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