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Vue.js Vs Angular Vs React - Which framework is suitable for your Business?

Vue.js Vs Angular Vs React - Which framework is suitable for your Business?

Angular is the oldest of all, so it must be more comprehensive!

Oh, but I have heard a lot of people praising React, so they all must be speaking through an experience. They all can’t be wrong!


But, Vue.js is the latest framework for business so it must be advanced than others!


Did you just scratch your head in utter confusion wondering how do we know what you are thinking?


Well, it’s no rocket science, and this is not just you, these are the thoughts of every business leader out there!

A few days back when we started to research, we found out that Vue.js vs Angular vs React is one of the most searched topics by the readers.

And despite being here for so long, people still want to know which framework for business is the best.

Which is why we thought why not make it simple for you!

Well, we won’t be telling you that ‘this’ framework for business is the best and you must go with it. Because neither that is possible nor fair. Each of these JavaScript frameworks has its own set of unique features.

And eventually, it depends on a particular business and its objectives.

So, what we are going to do here is burst through the fuzzy cloud and provide you with solid facts about each framework. And literate you about the actual information that includes this comparison of Angular vs React vs Vue.js.

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Before diving right in let’s shine some light on the basics of these frameworks.



Vue.js is also popularly known as Vue.js and is the youngest amongst its competitors. Developed in 2014 by an ex-Google employee, Vue.js is currently on its version 3.0. One thing worth noticing is Vue.js is on its own GitHub repo and has now moved to TypeScript.


General Pros

  • It is considered a great framework due to its manageable size and its competency to incrementally adopt. This all makes its performance, significantly high.
  • Unlike its other competitors, Vue.js.js is easy to use and learn.
  • It offers great documentation
  • Its easy project integration allows you to start using it instantly.



Created by Google in 2010, Angular holds a great reputation for the kind of offerings it makes. Its version 10 made some headlines and gained a lot of attraction. Apart from being one of the most widely used frameworks, Angular is also used by the established firms like PayPal and Upwork.


General Pros

  • Its two-way data binding helps it to make instant changes. Angular is supported by many communities and professionals making it one of the most desirable frameworks.
  • Angular is extremely popular and well-used.



Released in 2013, React was developed by Facebook. The organization used React extensively in its products like WhatsApp and Instagram. Its currently on version 17.X which was released in October 2020.


General Pros

  • React offers us full control over the project with its one-way data binding.
  • With React it is very easy to test which makes the entire development process better.


Business concerns, features, and comparative analysis of Angular vs React Vs Vue.js


Here comes the tricky part now. Let’s see what pearls we get and how these frameworks differ when it comes to the feature comparison of React vs Angular vs Vue.js.

  • Framework Size

    Now all the business leaders reading this blog must have thought, what business benefit will Framework size offer us?
    Well, the size of the Frameworks matters because that decides the performance of an application. The application becomes functional only after downloading both framework and application.
    The framework sizes of angular vs react vs Vue.js are,

    Angular: 143k
    React: 43k
    Vue.js: 23k

    So, if your application is large with high-level components then it’s better to go with the framework with a bigger size, and if not, the ideal framework for you will be the smallest one.

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  • Global Adoption

    One can imagine the level of popularity of a product by its acceptance from famous brands. And in this debate about React vs Angular vs Vue.js, we would say all three of them win in the race of acceptance and adoption.

    Following is the list of the brands that swear by these frameworks,


    • Google
    • PayPal
    • Sony
    • Upwork
    • Mastercard


    • Netflix
    • Reddit
    • Dropbox
    • Facebook
    • Airbnb


    • Euronews
    • Alibaba
    • Grammarly
    • Xiaomi
    • WizzAir
  • Flexibility

    We do tend to get happy by the mention of Flexibility but it is nothing less than a double-edged sword

A wholesome framework for businesses like Angular will decide the course of the structure of an application. Hence the result will be pretty predictable.


However, people are becoming more accepting of modular frameworks for a business like React and Vue.js. And it is quite obvious as these two offers much freedom of creativity to the developers.

Well, it sounds great, doesn’t it?

However, this freedom can turn into an ugly disaster if not coupled well with better structure and documentation decisions.

If an organization wants to make it a success, the better way to do is to hire a dedicated person to ensure that the best practices are followed.

  • Availability of resources

    Developer availability is essential to consider in this comparison because this can lead to unnecessary expenses.
    It’s a common fact; with popularity comes demand and with demands comes higher monetary expectations. The same is the case here.

    React has been gaining huge popularity. So, is the demand and supply on the same page? Unfortunately, no, and now React developers are asking for higher salaries.
    Angular developers run shoulder to shoulder with React developers.
    But Vue.js developers are the ones that have slightly lower salaries. But it is strange to notice that despite having low salaries, Vue.js developers are more difficult to find.

  • User-friendliness

    If we go from most difficult to least difficult, the sequence will be; Angular, React, Vue.js. This works in the favor of Vue.js. The organization can easily onboard an experienced JS developer and still expect it to work seamlessly with Vue.js.
  • Popularity of Angular Vs React Vs Vue.js

    Angular and React are on the same wavelength when it comes to popularity. They are neck-to-neck competitors and one cannot find the actual wined from Google Trends. But we can always get an approximate idea by the number of stars their GitHub repositories get.
    Besides, analysts have seen a sudden increase in the number of GitHub start for Vue.js.

Popularity of Angular Vs React Vs Vue.jsWell, these were some of the major differences between Angular, React. Js. And Vue.js.
Now here is some Good news!

No matter what framework for the business you use, if your development is in the hands of the right team, you can rest assured that they will use their expertise to overcome the shortcomings of these frameworks.

The developers are experts and know in and out of these frameworks and will always deliver you the solution that your business requires. Or you can always hire the developers for Vue.js. AngularReact from a renowned organization.

So, after thorough analysis, I am sure you have gotten an idea. And if you are still confused this will clarify the last bit of your doubt.

Here is our final bit,

Hire VUE.JS, React & Angular Developers

How to choose the right framework for business when it’s Vue.js vs Angular vs React?


We have sorted out some criteria that will help you leverage the maximum benefits of these frameworks.


And it goes like this,


Go with Angular when:

  • Your project is large and complex
  • You require easy-going and trustable sustainability
  • You have experienced Angular developers
  • You have a spare time to spend on learning Typescript 

Go with React When:

  • Your project is open to embrace reusable components
  • Your projects front-end is simple
  • You need top performance and scalability
  • You are bound by tight deadlines 

Go with Vue.js when:

  • Your project is small and not too complex
  • You prioritize high performance
  • You don’t have dedicated Vue.js developers but have experts with JavaScript knowledge
  • You cannot spend time learning new technology



There is no doubt that these JavaScript frameworks spew magic while building the interfaces. Just like every other framework these also have their sides of pros and cons.


But the best way to settle on the most suitable framework is to find a reliable partner that can direct you and offer a solution that is tailor-made to your business needs.