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If you are looking for a smart technology, marketing automation is a perfect solution to adopt. Marketing automation is the new age marketing tactic that integrates all marketing activities on a single platform by enhancing the performance with automation and machine learning. Many enterprises are adopting the marketing automation technologies to automate their business processes. This whitepaper walks through what is marketing automation, its market size, top players, and, how it is transforming the businesses.

In this white paper, you will understand: -

  • What is Marketing Automation?
  • Deployment Models of Marketing Automation Technologies
  • Marketing Automation: A Throwback
  • Overview of Marketing Automation Market Today
  • Top Players in the Marketing Automation Market
  • Marketing Automation Vs. Traditional Marketing
  • Unlocking the Potential of Marketing Automation
  • Benefits of Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Automation in Action – Industries Automating their Marketing Strategies
  • The Top 5 Trends in Marketing Automation
  • Why Choose Clarion for Marketing Automation Implementation?