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Ways to create a functional experience for your end users by hiring a frontend developer

Ways to create a functional experience for your end users by hiring a frontend developer

Although launching a website is simpler than ever, creating a clear frontend that improves business outcomes remains a barrier. It needs to be UI/UX friendly, have strong security guidance, satisfy Google Page Speed standards, be clean for SEO, and be beneficial to digital marketers. What frontend competencies do you need for your project? Which level of frontend developers will be the most valuable and lucrative? How can you expand your project while maintaining fair prices? How can you locate a frontend developer who will perform for the entire team?

In this blog, we'll go over how to hire frontend developers in detail so that you can save expenses during the backend development phase.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a frontend developer?

When comparing full-stack, backend, and frontend web development, the frontend developer controls the design, pixel-perfect execution, and maintenance of websites created using a combination of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and other related technologies. Therefore, you need to be aware of the duties and roles performed by frontend programmers before you can hire them.

The frontend web development architecture

You are implementing graphic elements that users view and interact with within a web application, which is the responsibility of a frontend programmer. Additionally, they receive assistance from backend web developers, who are in charge of the integration of frontend web development and server-side application logic. The flexibility to update and improve your website in the near future is the primary aspect of frontend architecture. As a result, you will have more time for ROI and a longer life span for frontend web development. 

Developing user web interactions

Every page on a website needs to be created with a specific objective. For instance, the webpage should connect visitors to your business by presenting what you do. Therefore, ensuring that your website is simple and has appropriate usability features is essential for successful user interaction. A frontend developer's responsibility is to provide a website design that is pixel-perfect, responsive, and UI/UX dependent on PSD-to-HTML.

Generating codes in JavaScript, CSS, HTML/XHTML, and HTML5

Programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, as well as frameworks like AngularJS or ReactJS, must be thoroughly understood by frontend developers. They develop user-facing pages using markup languages like HTML, control the look and feel of those sites with CSS, and program web applications' functionality with JavaScript. You may even hire HTML programmers for execution. 

Optimizing the performance and scalability of applications

According to Google Page Speed, for instance, frontend specialists are in charge of scaling and speeding up websites and applications. In addition, they evaluate applications to make sure they are effective and responsive. Frontend programmers are also in charge of security, ensuring that the frontend code is responsive on multiple devices and compatible with various browsers and operating systems.

Ensuring websites and applications are responsive

A responsive website looks perfect on all devices, even the smallest-screen smartphones and iMacs. A seamless consumer experience on any device depends on the site's performance across devices and browsers. After all, depending on the usage context, consumers frequently transition between a desktop, tablet, and smartphone. As a result, responsiveness significantly affects business outcomes such as conversion, purchase amount, and return customer rate.

Hiring a Frontend Developer: Your Options

A frontend developer can be challenging to find. Most frontend programmers gain knowledge through experience. Therefore, they need more system expertise. In addition, you will need to integrate junior and middle frontend developers into your development process if you are looking to hire them, which can require time and money. Thus, less reputable developers may incur more expenditures.


In-house talents


Although hiring a frontend developer is more expensive, in-house talent is easier to manage. In addition, employers can typically hire locally for full-time positions, but they will have to entail additional expenses, including salaries, social insurance, taxes, and onboarding fees. Another concern is the hiring process, which could also take 6 to 12 months.


The advantages of hiring local talent include the ease of communication and the likelihood that they will comprehend your needs and expectations because they work in your time zone.


Offshore talents


In contrast, hiring offshore frontend developers can access a wider skill pool at a lower cost. Although managing overseas teams might be complex due to the inherent cultural and geographic distance, it is advisable to cooperate with a frontend development team like Clarion, whose frontend developers have gathered knowledge from collaboration on numerous other projects in the past.


What separates the developers at Clarion from other offshore talent and clients they have been bringing in for over ten years? First and foremost, it combines projects with a range of startup and middle-market businesses, excellent talents, fluent English, and devoted collaboration. Furthermore, it also includes Clarion's distinctive corporate culture and creative mindsets, encouraging developers to produce solutions and value rather than just code.

Final Thought:

The hiring process for a frontend developer might take a lot of work. In addition, the wrong talent can jeopardize the future of your project or business, resulting in time, money, and energy waste. However, if you choose to work with frontend developers on your own, you can use our suggestions to be successful. With experienced, highly qualified frontend developers who have already been chosen and put through testing, Clarion can strengthen your team. Get in touch with us if you are interested in learning about our engagement models.